Web Design

If you are in the market for a new website, or want your old site refreshing,  look no further than Genesis2Revolution.

I used to work for one of the countries top 'Search Engine Optimisation' companies  (iomart plc) and learned quite a lot about websites, S.E.O. and how not to market websites. They used to push the same web package at every potential customer and I soon learned that every business needs a different take on it. Think how boring the web would be if every website was designed using one of five templates and all you got when you searched on Google was sponsored links.

So every website I build is completely unique, I don't use templates and each site is tailored to that individual business. Each website is built with search engine success in mind and all of my clients are on the top half of page one on all major search engines (bingyahoo & Google) for what they do, not just their name.

All of my search engine optimisation is done without the use of paid subscriptions, or the likes of Google adwords, so there is no ongoing costs. It's all built into the site as it's made.

Now onto the design process. I'll have a chat with you about what you want from the site and also see if there's any particular look that you had in mind for the site. If you don't have a concrete idea of what you want the site to look like, don't worry,  I'll have a play with some design ideas and get them sent across to you. From there I'll have an idea of which direction you want to head in and we'll see what we can come up with.

Once we've got a design idea sorted and you've got the content together (which I'll help you with if needs be) we can go over how we're going to map the site out. Once that's all decided I'll design the site and build  the first draft (for want of a better way of putting it). All websites need a little tweaking as they're built. Once you see something on the site, you might want to change it slightly, or decide that it wants to be on a different page. Don't stress and think that if it's not right first time it's going to cost more money. The price that you will be quoted will be for the finished site and the site isn't finished until you are happy with it.

As soon as the design work is completed I'll start with the search engine side of it. Please don't expect to be number one after the first week. It can take up to 16 weeks to climb the ranks on the search engines, but I have had some sites be up there after a week. I will keep plugging away with the site until it is up at the top, you have my word on that.

For a selection of websites designed by Genesis2Revolution, Click Here

Why you need a website

A well thought out and well designed website can save you money in quite a short period of time. Think how much time you, or your staff spend answering the phone and explaining what you do/don't do, or where you are etc.. 

If you had all that on a website people can check all that and more, before they even contact you.

Think about how much you spend on advertising each year.

In those adverts;

  • Can you show unlimited photo's of your work/product?
  • Can you give people all the information that they may require about your business?
  • Can you give a full (up to date) price list for all of your services? 
  • Can you show a map of where you are, or even give them directions from where they are?

The answer to the above questions is probably not, or if you can it's going to be financially unlikely that you would bother.

On a website though, you can show all that and more for a fraction of your normal advertising budget.

You can show everything that your customers might want to know and keep it up to date. If you run an advert, that advert might run for twelve months and how often does your business stay the same for twelve months. With a website you can stay on top of every change in your business as it happens.

Let's say you are having a promotion that runs for a week, you can use your website to promote that. Or if the government changes the tax rate again, you can make all those changes as they happen, rather than waiting until (potentially)  next years advert.