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With a history in running other peoples business's, from hotels & restaurants, to large retail outlets, I've worked with designers for years, but I'd never considered that one day I'd become one myself. 
Then in 2006 I was sentenced to four years in prison for wholesale drug supply. I'd been a drug dealer for thirteen years. Starting off supplying my friends socially and over the years, gradually upping the levels I was purchasing until I was above the street dealers, then above that and then.....  You get the idea!
Getting sent to prison obviously turned my life upside down, but this was nothing compared to the effect this had on my family.

Whilst I was in prison I decided it was time to turn my back on my old ways and started to take computer qualifications. As I was progressing one day I was caught playing on Photoshop and after a bit of a roasting I was persuaded into having a go at the graphic design course that was on offer. I was reluctant, because at school I'd never been considered artistic at all and this assessment carried on throughout my life. 

I started the course the folloring week and soon realised that I had a bit of a knack for it and really enjoyed it. Enjoying it wasn't the only reward though, soon enough the qualifications started rolling in, closely followed by the work. I started off doing little bits of design work for the prison (posters mainly) and my work started to get noticed by the establishment.

Subsequently one morning during his rounds the No.1 Governor asked me if I fancied a challenge. He asked me to design the layout for the Establishment Delivery Plan, a 52 page document that detailed the prisons evaluation and plans for the next twelve months. This document was to be sent to the Home Office and was also to be used at various meetings, where it would be seen by governors from other prisons.

Over the next couple of months work started to come in from other prisons across the country and I realised the potential of an honest career from my new found skills. I then focused all my time (and there was plenty of that) and energy into gaining whatever knowledge, qualifications and experience I was going to need to make a business out of these new found abilities.

I ended up coming out of prison with forty one design and I.T. based qualifications (told you I had nothing but time). These ranged from Clait advanced & E.C.D.L. , becoming a fully qualified Cisco networking engineer, through to qualifications in graphic design, web design and computers in the arts. I even transferred to another prison(in payment for designing their Establishment Delivery Plan), just to get the qualifications and skills that I needed.

My work also gained first place at two major national exhibitions, including winning the prestigious Ruth Whitehead Memorial Award (which I am extremely proud of) at the Koestler Awards. 
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As soon as I left prison (July 2008) I signed up for a business start  up course, to find out what I needed to know before starting Genesis2Revolution.

Since getting out of prison I've slowly built up a good client base that varies massively in the type & scale of the work they do. The beauty of this is that my work has varied too, so in a relatively short period of time I have gained a lot of experience and a varied portfolio.

I'm not proud of my past history, or of going to prison, far from it, but I am really proud of what I achieved whilst in prison and what I've done since my release.

Since getting out of prison I have been involved in a couple of mentoring schemes aimed at young people that were heading down the wrong road and I hope that by making this business succeed I can prove to people that there is life after a conviction. Nobody gives you a chance when you come out of prison,  "Judged on those that have gone before you," is a term I have heard too many times. Not every ex-con is a potential future-crime waiting to occur. 
All I want to do is put my past behind me and on my new foundation, build a future that I and my family can be greatly proud of.


Here's an article the local news paper ran on me last year that kinda adds to what's above - 

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